Managing multiple stores in different locations or regions will never be easy. It requires an efficient services and tremendous amount of manpower to keep track of your daily sales and inventories, stock transfers, and more.



One of the major clients of Nelsoft Technology is J&F Ahhao Department Store. They sell a wide range of general merchandise such as clothing apparel, electronics & gadgets, kitchen equipments, home appliances (and more) at a very affordable price! Their store branches are located in Bataan, Nueva Ecija, Caloocan, Leyte and Cambodia.



With the right solution and technical support for their daily operations, J&F Department Store only trusts Nelsoft POS software and hardware in their retail business. It helps them track all the inventories in all of their branch locations, to keep abreast with their suppliers and customers, provide them a smart pricing tools for their products, and to monitor the ins and outs of their company in the financial perspective.


 As seen here: Acer Monitor, Postech Cash Drawer, Epson TM-T82 Receipt Printer, Youjie YJ5900 Barcode Scanner and Nelsoft POS Software


Nelsoft Systems is not just providing the right solutions for your business...

We aim for continued growth of your company and help you to streamline your entire J&F Ahhao Department Store.