With the drastic changes in our climate today, the ASEAN and some International Environmental Organizations created some advocacies/campaign to help save our environment. And some companies too created their own technologies and advocacy programs to lessen its effect to our environment.




It paved a way to Uni LED Lighting Corporation, to introduce their earth friendly technologies here in the Philippines. Uni LED Lighting Corp., provides an earth friendly lighting system in homes, condominiums, streets, offices and other building projects. For nearly 20 years, the company engages in research and design to bring a sustainable development to help preserve the environment and improve the lives of every Filipino. The company is also accredited with the international standard qualifications with numerous certificates and awards in the form of ISO 9001/2008 certification, VDE, TUV, UL, FC, CE certifications and RoHS compliance.


Here are the Benefits and Advantages of UNI LED LIGHTS vs. CFL LIGHT:


In terms of their business processes, sales and inventory monitoring, they tap with Nelsoft Systems’s “Teleios Head Office Management System” to cater the demands of their customers and suppliers. They believe that creating a sustainable product will be more productive if they provide an excellent customer service to their clients and suppliers, and most importantly, to make all their transactions paperless. As what they say, an advocacy program will be more effective if you “Walk the Talk”.



As seen here: Mr. Ronald Que (President) and Mr. Andrew Chua of Uni LED Lighting Corp., together with Nelsoft Systems's Sales Team.



To know more about the company/product, you may reach them on the following details: 


Telephone: ( 632) 470-1063 / 535-1379 

 Email:  /  

Website: www.uniledlights.com