On 11th of January, Nelsoft Systems renews a 1-Year Partnership Contract with Worldbex Services International as its Registration Provider for a series of events and expositions for the year 2016. 


As seen here: Mr. Mike Bayonito, Project Supervisor of Worldbex Services International together with Ms. Candy Rigodon, Nelsoft Systems’s Sales and Marketing Supervisor 


Worldbex Services International (WSI) is known as the premiere exhibition and events management company in the Philippines. Its comprehensive trade and consumer shows is a primary outlet in making great business deals and extensive product exposure. WSI is known for organizing the country’s biggest trade shows e.g. (WORLDBEX) The Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition, (MIAS) Manila International Auto Show, (PHILBEX) The Philippine Building and Construction Exposition, (MAFBEX) Manila Food And Beverages Exposition, World Bazaar Festival and many more…



Nelsoft Systems’s partnership with Worldbex Services International was truly a remarkable milestone as it has opened an avenue to meet more clients, new alliances, and discover new and emerging trends in the business industry globally. 


 As seen here: Nelsoft Event Registration System as provided in the previous year 2015.


Congratulations to Worldbex Services International for another year of exciting line-up of events! We, at Nelsoft Systems, are beyond ecstatic to kick-off this year by being part of a new venture as your industry partner. Cheers!