For an IT company, specifically in the POS software industry, many would claim that they have special programs to help companies automate their business processes and provide them the best after sales services. But the real challenge here is, how far are they going to extend a mile to a business if it belongs to the Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) sector and located in the tip of Luzon?


Last April 2016, when the heat index in the country reached its peak, our Sales and Technical representative took the 13-14hr trip going to Tuguegarao City to meet our client. Our team wanted to personally present the software, check the establishment for its cabling requirements and set up of hardware. Though it’s easy to discuss it online thru Skype, our team believe that creating a good rapport and providing the best customer service to its clients would bring positive result in their partnership.


They met Mr. Charles Pobre, the owner of GNI Drugstore in Tuguegarao City. His business concept was a drugstore with retail merchandise inside to serve nearby hospital, residents and commercial establishments in the city. He graduated BS in Pharmacy at St. Paul University Philippines and got his work experience from St. Luke’s Pharmacy Department, one of the well-known hospitals in the country. Growing up in a business oriented family, he too, wants to have his own business in the future. Once his savings and pharmacy experience were enough to take the leap and start his own business, with the help of his family, he pursued his dream. Young as he may seem, he exactly knew what he wanted before he started his business: “To have a systematic process, adopt technology as early as possible to stay competitive in the market, and monitor everything in real-time.”



                                          Ms. Jeane Pobre (mom), Nelsoft Sales Rep. Candy, Mr. Charles Pobre


In order to provide the best software solution for his business, our team carefully studied his requirements and made some recommendations based on his business objective. Then after a series of discussions, GNI Drugstore officially opened its store last May 7,2016. It was more than just a week of preparations for Nelsoft Team to complete his requirements.








We know your exact needs because your business is important to us. Your success is also our success. Cheers to our young and passionate entrepreneurs who dare to make their dreams come true!


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